Gemsbok digital watercolor

gemsbok digital watercolour
Reference photo by Franck Vassen


Catching up

Saint-Foy de Conques, digital watercolour

I have mainly been publishing on my deviantart account lately and I was wondering whether it was worth it keeping two sites afloat (the deviantart account and this blog). Then I googled “digital watercolour” in google images out of curiosity. And up popped all the drawings I had published here … and not the ones I had published in deviantart. Conclusion: wordpress rules as far as SEO is concerned. And as one of my goals with all this is to pass the word (aspiring watercolourists, go digital!) I’d rather keep the blog and the google notoriety that goes with it. Thanks wordpress. And now for some catching up.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say I’ll publish here every friday (as a way to get ready for illustration Friday – one day).