Poor Teddy

A quick project, painted while on the train


2 thoughts on “Poor Teddy

  1. Emily Barton says:

    Okay, so how did I manage to miss that you are now doing this lovely, lovely work? Maybe if I were a better pen pal, I would have known. I love water color, and this teddy is especially poignant.

    Oh, and I’m glad to know that Mandarine the Cat is still purring along. Our menagerie grows: we have a new gray friend for Francis named Bernie and a dachshund named Clare.

    • mandarine says:

      Can’t tell how I’m glad that it’s you of all people who wrote the first comment on the new blog! I was going to send a notice to all those who still have mandarine in their blogroll that I was starting something new, but I needed to beef up the portfolio first..

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